Ready, steady, go!

So, I’ll be honest. I started the ONL191 course feeling pretty ambivalent. I knew nothing about it and didn’t even know what ONL stood for. But 10 days in and I’m looking forward to learning from this experience.

The first week was all about meeting our larger ONL community via Zoom and learning a bit about what Zoom can do.

We also had our first sessions in our small PBL (Problem-Based Learning) group and I had a bit of fun on Saturday afternoon putting together a slide about myself for our group presentation. My group is diverse with members from South Africa, Iceland, Sweden, Germany, Sri Lanka and Hungary (I hope I haven’t left anyone out?!).

Ultimately, this course is what you make of it (like many things in life, I guess). And, as someone said to me just the other day: life doesn’t bring opportunities your way; it’s up to you to find opportunity in things. So who knows what doors this ONL journey will open? I’m leaving it wide open…

3 thoughts on “Ready, steady, go!

  1. Hey Judy, glad you are starting to enjoy this and not so ambivalent as you were in the beginning. It can get a bit hectic at times, so I hope this enjoyment continues. Please keep on blogging 😉


  2. BTW the “Reflections on Learning” Post is not “reachable”…basically I get “page not found” whenever I try to click on the link. Just thought you would like to know.


    1. Thanks Sonja – I know, and I don’t know how to get rid of it!! It was a blank post which seemed to “publish” when I connected my blog to the ONL site. I deleted it from WordPress but it still comes up on the ONL website. Oh well…


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